A door waiting to be opened...

A long time visual artist, Murphy Xerar began her professional career in Mexico

A student at Parson's School of Design in New York and later to Graduate after winning her year's painting prize from the University of the Americas outside Mexico City.

The above construction mounted on an old garage door is Fall Thoughts I from 2011, a celebration of her move to Bocabec, New Brunswick, constructed from boxes used in the move, a plaster mask and objects found in her new home.

Her work now spans a half century

Though her ventures into the visual arts are more limited  now the visual elements in her story telling are not. Sometimes, still, she will find time to combine the two.



When did you know

A work made with the help of others, then hung, during an event on homelessness at The University of Calgary. 


you were disposable?

The old dirt-covered tarp, strewn with detritus, old cigarette cartons, butts, coffee cups asks a question too many must answer

Some other work


The Weavers 2012

A celebration of Guatemalan Maya Weaving and a Memorial to those killed during the genocide of the 80‘s


The Dinner Party ― Screenshot

A piece from the scrapbook installation, used as a cover for "You would make a good Jesuit", a monologue, finalist for the CBC short fiction prize, published by Room


An illustration from die tinkerbell die

A computer collage from re-edited charcoal drawings put together on a 2003 residency with the Word Hoard in Yorkshire for the die tinkerbell die collection.