Itzel: A wideranging two volume novel

Volume II In the movement's aftermath ― upcoming this spring


An older woman who spent her eighteenth year in Auschwitz. A younger one who used her nineteenth to organize against the war in Vietnam in New York. An economics student who despite his radical convictions works for the Mexican stock exchange. Mexico 1968. A year, a student movement, a friendship and a massacre which changes all of their lives forever. This is the stuff of Itzel, a two volume novel from Sarah Xerar Murphy, the woman who lived it. 


This second volume focuses on Nauta, the narrator, to bring her face to face with her own violence and capacity for both betrayal and commitment in a series of harrowing scenes. 

Friendship, Mobilization, Repression, Heroism


 In this first volume, it is Itzel who is the focus, as she blooms into her own agency, bravery, even heroism, possibilities she thought beaten out of her by the horror of the camps. 

Such tenderness and intelligence are rarely found within the same covers.


― Todd Gitlin, author of Occupy

Two experimental visual/word/Voice works

Illustrated monologues of a Brooklyn childhood


This writing talks. It pushes into a reader's heart with the immediacy of its telling ― Daphne Marlatt

Montage, Illustration, Performance Documentation


  Riveting, concise narratives… As bold, lyrical and thought out as a performance piece… [with] the intimate feel of a diary ― Deborah Staab

Three novels & three collections

A novel of friendship & psychic fragmentation


An erotic power reminiscent of Marguerite Duras ― Janette Turner Hospital

A novel of abuse and healing


A deep and exquisitely written story of transformation ― Margot Adler

A novel of solidarity's discontents


  ...feminist and anti-racist in value, sardonic in wit, always surprising in what it relates ― Daphne Marlatt 

Stories, Memoir, Personal Essays


...vital, dynamic, engaged... that gravelly voice overflowing with earthy wisdom, deft humour and incantatory power can be heard throughout ― Elspeth Cameron

Adventures in the Long Short


...luminescent prose as comic book strips and bedtime stories and a journey or two to hell become the stuff of her contemporary fictions ― Robert Kroetsch

Two Novellas and 7 footnotes in search of their text


...shifting labyrinths created by the mind, the soul, and multiple languages: ― George Melnyk


Other Writing

Widely published in magazines and anthologies, Xerar Murphy's innovative fiction and nonfiction, include "You would make a good Jesuit", a finalist for the CBC Creative Nonfiction contest seen here in a screenshot along with a drawing from her installation, scrapbook, exhibited in The UK and Canada.